Pro Touch Car Valeting

If the devil is in the details, consider us your exorcists of dirt. Our car valeting experts bring out the best in your car, cleaning, buffing and polishing every inch including the boot, wheels and even the engine to give it that "brand new" sparkle.

Every Nook Cleaned

Your company vehicles are a mobile extension of your image, and should always look clean and well cared for. We offer commercial and fleet valeting to ensure your vehicles show a polished brand image. Talk to us today about a corporate account.

A clean car is a happy car, but a waxed and polished car is one that everyone envies. We use only the finest quality auto industry products to produce a shine and finish that not only looks great but will protect your car against the elements.

A Showroom Finish

Corporate Accounts


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Rediscover that showroom shine with a high end treatment from our car valeting company! Let us wash, polish and vacuum your vehicle until it gleams like new. If you live in the Essex area we can even come to you.

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We can also make scratches, chips and scuffs disappear!


Full public liability insurance*

* Although extreme care will be taken whilst carrying out any cleaning process, we cannot be held responsible for discolouration or marks to driveways or paths resulting from this