Pro Touch Car Valeting

Why drive a car that looks great on the outside if you are surrounded by dirt, stains and sticky fingerprints on the inside? We tackle all interior surfaces, carpet and upholstery to restore your vehicle to a nicer environment in which to travel.

Once your car is looking it's best we can apply wax and hand buff until your car gleams. This final touch also keeps your car looking new for longer, protecting against damage and build up left by salt, grit, dirt and rain.

Feel good on the inside

Look great on the outside

Don't want to be seen driving your grubby car to us? We offer a mobile car valeting service so wherever you are in the Essex area we can come to you! Relax in the comfort of your own home while our experts transform your car.

Mobile car valeting

Car Valeting Services

Touch Wash 1 - Small vehicle £12; large vehicle £18

- Exterior wash

- Wheels and tyres dressed


Touch Wash 2  - Small vehicle £25; large vehicle £30

(supplement of £10 for 4x4’s, MPV’s, People Carriers)

- Exterior wash

- Wheels and tyres dressed

- Windows cleaned for crystal clear visibility

- Interior vacuumed

- Upholstery, carpets, floor mats and ash trays cleaned

- All interior and exterior plastic trims and dashboard polished

- Boot area cleaned if required

- Fragrance (choose your new car smell!)


Touch Wash 3 - £50 (supplement of £10 for 4x4's, MPV's, People Carriers)

- Includes everything in Touch Wash 2

- Plus additional hand polish to protect your car from sun, salt and rain damage.


Touch Wash 4 - £50

- Includes everything in Touch Wash 2

- Plus additional hand polish using Aquawax carnuba wax, specially formulated to give your vehicle a gleaming, streak and smear free shine... even when the vehicle is wet.


Interior Valet - £55 (supplement of £15 for 4x4’s, MPV’s, People Carriers)

- Deep shampoo clean of the roof lining, carpets, floor mats, door panels and all fabric upholstery

- Boot deep cleaned to remove non-water stains such as grease, oil or make-up stains

- Windows cleaned for crystal clear visibility.

- All interior plastic trims and dashboard polished

- Fragrance (choose your new car smell!)


Mini Valet - £65 (save £10!)

- Includes everything in Touch Wash 3

- Plus a full alloy acid wheel clean


Full Valet including Interior Valet - £95 (save £10!) (supplement of £20 for 4x4’s, MPV’s, People Carriers)

For maximum results, and a lasting finish treat your car for our full valet service which includes a comprehensive clean of the interior and exterior of your vehicle, as well as a hand cream polish that will also protect paintwork from sun, salt and acid rain damage to maintain your new showroom finish.


Alloy Acid Wheel Clean - £35

Banish stubborn stains and built up dirt and oil with a carefully applied acid wheel clean. We meticulously cover every surface of your alloys to give them a brilliant sheen.


Engine steam clean - £50

If you are a true auto enthusiast, you won't want to stop your valet services at the exterior and upholstery of your vehicle. We are specialists in fully cleaning your engine to a diamond shine! Ideal if you have a luxury or vintage car.


Carnuba High Definition Wax - £99

For the ultimate protection, feel and look for your vehicle. This application of the highest quality auto wax will leave your car with a real wow factor.


Car paint sealant treatments

Car body sealant treatments

Cabriolet roof cleaning

Williams ceramic coating - £399

Gen free glass body coating - £499

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Get that showroom finish without lifting a finger! Using only the finest Autoglym chemicals our car valeting service carefully removes dirt, grease and grime from all of your paintwork, wheels windows and interior surfaces keeping your vehicle looking it's best for longer.

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Gold Valet - from £399.00

This valet includes Gold and Silver valet plus:

2 stage mop, full interior valet, leather treatment if required. 2 stage mop removes the majority of swirls and scratches.


Platinum Valet - £499.00

Same as Gold Valet plus:


We apply Swissvax crystal rock polish - the world's leading car polish available.


Diamond Valet - £599.00

As per the above plus:


We add a full protective sealant to the interior and exterior. This product is GEN 3 glass body coating. This gives the real wow factor!



No other valeting company can offer this service.

Bronze Valet - £75.00


  • 2 bucket wash method

  • High performance aqua wax

  • Wheels cleaned

  • Hand-dried

  • Tyres dressed

  • Door shuts/windows

  • Dry hoover

  • Air freshener

Exclusive Pricelist

Silver Valet - £149.00

As per Bronxe Valet plus:


Carnuba high definition Gold wax