Pro Touch Car Valeting

Using our low-cost and innovative solution we can normally carry out repairs to your car the same day, removing car park scuffs, scrapes, key and vandal scratches from your paintwork to return your car to a showroom finish.

Speedy scratch repairs

You know the noise - that unmistakable ding followed by a sinking feeling that your paintwork has just suffered another scratch or chip from a loose stone. Now you can rest easy knowing that the problem can be solved quickly and affordably by our skilled team.

Fast and effective

Stone & dent removal

Is there anything more annoying than returning to your vehicle to find a fresh trolley scrape on your car? While we can't track down and bring justice to the culprit, we can repair the damage.

Paint scuffs, dents and scratches look unsightly and affect the resale value of your car. If the paintwork on your vehicle has been penetrated so that the bare metal is exposed this area will also be prone to rust, ultimately costing more in the long run to repair. Save your money! Contact us for cost effective scratch repairs.

Save your cash!

Vanish those scratches, scuffs and dents.

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